More Owl Nestboxes in Devon!

Ive been working closely with a couple of landowners in south Devon to get some habitat friendly practices going and to install some nest boxes for any future Owls!!  All of what I have done so far has been off my own back, however if you are keen to get some advice and / or help then check out the Barn Owl Trust’s website for further info.

Over the weekend myself and my assistant (my brother!) erected a further two Barn Owl boxes and a Little Owl nest box on some land near Torbay in South Devon.  Here’s some photos of Dom up a tree and some of the boxes!


One of the barns in which we have placed some nest boxes.


Nest boxes for any occasion!!!


Using high tech gear (ladder and a rope!) to erect a Barn Owl nest box in a tree.

I had a call this evening from the landowner saying that he had seen a Barn Owl hunting over the fields this evening and it had been in and out of the barn and had spent some time perched in the window…. fingers crossed it will feel that the accommodation is suitable for breeding in the future!!


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